to me, material thinking is making the conceptual or imaginary into something tangible. poetry transforms transitory thoughts and feelings into ink on page. through film we can also translate vast and hard-to-grasp concepts into something visceral.

in response to this, i made work in mexico over six weeks which has culminated in a three-part series titled remnants.


camera and screen become bridges of experience + expression. transport images of material onto light behind glass. made haptic through perception and resonant words. here in part one of remnants, i think about insects’ fragment populations.


walking is poetry. is material. the heart-mind too will flâneur. sometimes to places predictable + other times stranger waves build + break. here in part two of remnants, i consider grief as the price of love – asking, ‘what remains when the material no longer does?’.


traces of the unseen leak between worlds. they don’t follow drawn binaries but flow free. here in part three of remnants, i think about the traces we leave in clouds, corn, + water.

About the Artist

Aim King is a London-based artist whose work incorporates film, poetry and walking. Having studied ecology at University of Liverpool and documentary filmmaking at Aberystwyth University, their work is inherently interdisciplinary and often involves collaboration between environmental activists and other artists. Their most recent collaboration with artist, Orla Bradfield, was officially selected for Tonnau Short Film Festival. Moving between intention and intuition as method for their practices, questions of embodiment, the other-than-human, place, and radical slowness are explored.

About the Commission

For my Centre for Material Thinking digital commission I will be making work in Mexico. Walking through varying environments, including forests, mangroves, cities and mountains, I will collect footage, sound recordings, and poems over a 6 week period. I will then verbalise ideas and feelings to artist, Orla Bradfield, who will translate them into illustrations. The final product will be an essay film made from walking ethnography, poetic introspection, and visual reimagining with an aim to further non-binary ecological thought.

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