About the Artist

Revealing a matter/history through a process of material investigations lies at the heart of my practice. I live and work in North Devon, near the Bristol Channel, where the sense of place and time weaves its way into my work. I’m interested in how a process of making can describe a morphology of matter-information as an ebb and flow of forces impacting the work, using events as a starting point from the past and finding their way to the present.

My practice engages with digital and physical media across drawing, print, sculpture and site. I’m an academic and programme leader for BA (Hons) Creative Arts at the Open College of the Arts and a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

About the Commission

The cove of Rapparee in the town of Ilfracombe holds the moment the Transport Ship ‘The London of London’ ran aground in the 18th Century carrying the spoils of the French Revolutionary war from St Lucia. The tragic event has left traces of evidence held within the geomorphology of the coastline. My process of investigation will transform the information left in the cove to understand how disappearance can become emergent and matter not escaping can become manifest.

The digital residency for the Centre for Material Thinking will be an opportunity to archive my creative process in response to this site. The use of digital and physical media will consider the cove as phenomena, where the interconnections of matter will form an assemblage, animating within the present as part of a vital material process.

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