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With Doug Burton, Aim King, Tanya Syed and Simon Whitehead

Refreshments provided. Please RSVP to material-thinking@aber.ac.uk.

As part of its public engagement strategy, the Centre for Material Thinking commissioned four visual artists across three months (May – July 2022) to create a piece of work to be exhibited on the CMT website. They were asked to respond to the theme of ‘material thinking’, drawing on aspects of their own practice. The works range from embodied river sound recordings and archival explorations of coastal ruins to films made in Wales and Mexico focusing on flight paths and poetry.

In this special event, we bring the artists together in a physical space to discuss their work, the underlying ideas and how they adapted material engagement to a digital platform. Participants will be able to view and listen to some of the work during the event but the commissions are also available to view by heading over to that section of the website.

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