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with Leah Lovett (University College London)

How might walking methods informed by urban arts practices be reoriented towards environmental justice? What does it mean to walk with other humans and more-than-human entities in the posthuman city? What systems and temporalities can be brought into play through walking? These questions will be addressed through a discussion of ‘walking in tree time’ with The Listening Wood (2019), an interactive poetic walk with 14 ancient and veteran trees created in collaboration with technologists and the tree team at Hampstead Heath. In turn, reflecting on the recent development Heatwaves, Cool Spaces walks in partnership with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, British Red Cross and Thames Ward Community Project, this talk will gesture to the affordances of arts-led approaches in communicating and managing climate risks.

Leah Lovett is an artist and Senior Research Fellow in Connected Environments at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL. She completed her practice-based PhD in Fine Art at the Slade, UCL, in 2019. Her practice and research engage methods of digital co-creation to engage people with questions of spatial and environmental justice.

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