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Following the launch of the Centre for MaterialThinking, this special collaborative event delves deeper into the subject of materiality and explores it from different disciplinary perspectives. Several academics from across FASS will discuss what the concept of ‘material thinking’ means to them in terms of both creative practice and critical thought. What are material methods and how can we work with the material world to create new intellectual and ethical approaches?



Margaret Ames is Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance (TFTS)

Simon Banham is Professor of Scenography (TFTS)

Berit Bliesemann de Guevara is Professor in International Politics (InterPol)

Susan Forster is an artist and PhD candidate (SoA)

Lisa McCarty is an artist and will soon be joining the School of Art as Lecturer in Photography (SoA)

Miranda Whall is Lecturer in Fine Art (SoA)


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