Featured Project

Outside with grass, cars and the corner of a stone building in the background there is a middle aged man wearing a black jacket and tweed flat cap. He is in the centre and foreground on the picture. His arms are raised over his head, his palms pressed together in a gesture of prayer. His head is lifted and his eyes gaze upwards to the sky. Behind him and making the same raised gesture are two women in formal grey jackets and a young woman behind them. The women wear hats and different coloured gloves.

I am thinking about the presence of bodies, of people, in relation to one another and in action through [...]

At the start of my PhD studies at Aberystwyth university I began working with media archaeological [...]

The Black Ribbon project began as an extended conversation about the way in which we experience [...]

The Pond is a collection of films exploring the creation and development of a garden pond. [...]

Cataloguing Carbon’ is research through making. I explore through acts of foraging, collecting, collating, layering, folding [...]

My approach to Material Thinking is to focus on the inherent aesthetic and physical properties [...]

Soil Voices is part of a ground breaking NERC funded, academic discipline hopping project titled Making the invisible visible: Instrumenting and interpreting an upland landscape for climate change resilience.