In 2015, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation declared the ‘International Year of Soils’ expressing concerns that the “finite non-renewable resource on a human time scale [is] under pressure of processes such as degradation, poor management and loss to urbanization”.


Soil Space is a 27 mproject space at the centre of the Centre for Material Thinking – Garden, it is located on fallow farm land owned by Aberystwyth University. The on- going Soil Space programme of commissioned projects aims to inspire a deeper engagement and public understanding of the importance of soil – the material made from inorganic particles and organic matter that covers the earth’s surface. While soil plays an essential role in our lives and the global ecosystem, is central to the production of our food, carbon sequestration, to the filtering of pollutants in our water systems and to protecting us from flooding it rarely captures the public’s attention and imagination and is generally overlooked and underrated.